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Personal Branding

We've been talking a lot about personal branding lately. Personal branding allows you to share your business journey with your potential audience in an interesting way. It helps increase brand exposure and awareness as well as increase your follower base so that, ultimately, you'll to be noticed by your ideal clients.

A Day in the Life

Whether you're heading to a conference or spending the day with a high profile client, here are 2 examples of how you can use video snippets in your personal branding.

How We Did It

  • 1. We started with a nice cover image that explains what the video is about.
  • 2. We then added an enticing opening. In 'Coach Brian Bird Travels to Dublin', we have his UFC fighter, Hakeem, as the opening scene.
  • 3. We added text on the top and bottom of the video to reinforce the message.
  • 4. The next 3 graphics introduced what the video is about.
  • 5. Another image was added of a social media post, showing the trip to Dublin on a map.
  • 6. This was followed by footage mixed with pictures of the trip.
  • 7. The final image was a call to action, which plays out for 6 seconds to allow the viewer enough time to see the call to action.
  • 8. The final scene was the logo animation, to add a little dazzle to the experience.

See if YOU can Dissect the Video Below!


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