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Divorce Magazine is a resource for people going through a divorce or separation. It connects you with professionals who can help you navigate through a divorce with ease, in one place. The client was looking to revamp their website.


The website was outdated, didn't work on mobile and didn't reflect the brand. The client also had a Video Library with expert interviews she wanted to share with the public as well as build her email list.



Our awesome designer, Sarah, had some great ideas to incorporate in the designing of the website to create a new look for the brand.

  • Use the circles to mimic the wedding ring in an artistic free-flowing way.
  • Use photos with smiling people to show that you can be happy after you go through a divorce with the right support.
  • Use a mix of women, men and children to show that divorce affects everyone.


We created a website that explained the value proposition for Divorce magazine and the Video Library Offer. We also created a sales pages with links to Pay Pal for the Video Library and an email building list.


On the advertising front, we set up an advertising campaign promoting the video library.

During the campaign we noticed that the client wasn't getting as many sales as we had anticipated, so we changed the campaign. We revised the images used in our ads and changed the sales page from being "The Divorce Guide" to "The Divorce Video Library."

The advertising campaign consisted of some images, short videos of the experts speaking, and long videos of the experts speaking, and we also created some video slideshows of what the Divorce Library was about.

At the top of the funnel, we did a Conversion Campaign, sending visits to the website. At the bottom of the funnel, we did some remarketing based on people who viewed our video ads and those that visited the website.

You can view one of our ads here directly on Facebook: Divorce Magazine Ad

We've included one version of our ad copy below.

Going through a divorce or separation?

All course videos for a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF ONLY $26.24

The Online Divorce Guide is a safe anonymous way to learn from over 20 Experts.

Download all the course videos for a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF ONLY $26.24

**Topics Covered by Expert Speakers in the Online Divorce Guide **

  • Family Law
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Finances
  • Insurance Matters
  • Legal Matters

Download all the course videos for a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF ONLY $26.24

**Common Questions Answered in the Online Divorce Guide: **

  • Can I afford to leave?
  • What will happen to our shared friendships?
  • Are they going to side with her?
  • My Ex is using our kids against me — what do I do?
  • Are my kids better off if I stay or if I go?
  • My Ex is dating someone new — how do I tell my kids?
  • Am I going to lose my pension if we get divorced?
  • I don’t want to sell our home and cause more pain for my kids — what do I do?
  • I was hooked on the potential of my narcissist Ex — how do I keep from making the same mistake?

Download all the course videos for a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF ONLY $26.24


Following were the results of the Facebook ads:

  • Duration: Aug 28 to Oct 14, 2019
  • Impressions: 43,178
  • Reach: 21,278
  • Link Clicks: 1,072
  • Unique Link Clicks: 935

Website Page Results:

  • Page views: 1048
  • Unique page views: 998


The new website was mobile friendly, easier to navigate and was more on-brand. The fast-loading landing pages for the video library, supported by advertising, brought qualified traffic to her website, helped the customer build a great email list and get exposure for her brand.

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