Software Release Notes

In our 6.25 software release, we've continued to work on our events module with some updates on timezones as we're supporting clients in different timezones. We also did a lot of work on Blog Archives to improve search engine optimization efforts.

In 6.26, Search Engine Optimization was updated, and we resolved all new issues identified by SEM Rush. Associate logos, such as the BBB and Chamber of Commerce, are now clickable. Bambora support was also added to allow for payment processing of events as well as a new training module we're working on. We added 2 new types of homepages — a carousel and a 4-page split.

Version 6.27 saw forms get unified so that all the contact us, email opt-ins, or lead generation forms have the same standardized code, security patches and anti-spam features.


Timezone Support for occasion system is greatly improved and Blog Archive functionality updated.

  • #9950 Features timezone support for occasion and occasion detail pages
  • #10460 Bug: Blog - Archive Button is Deleting Content
  • #10344 Bug: CRM Contacts - Downloading 1250 Columns are 100
  • #10400 Bug: Links to staff member pages are displaying strangely
  • Moved showdown-spdr to its own package for sharing
  • #9080 Fix for wiki page title not being used


1) SEO updates for page titles, meta descriptions, sitemap, and blog articles on homepage

2) Associates' logos now able to link; two new promotion Snipplets added for the Footer and Sidebar

3) Bambora support

4) Added 2 new types of homepage (homeslide/split4)

## Details

  • #10144 P1 Bug: PDFs not showing in Site image manager
  • #10314 P1 Bug: Page needs unique title. studio/signup
  • #10533 P1 Feature: BBB logo on site should be clickable
  • #10533 P1/S202007 Feature: BBB logo on site should be clickable
  • #10693 P2/S202004 Bug: Duplicate Title Tags
  • #10694 P1 Bug: crash on out-of-range dates' issues with 1970/1
  • #10843 P1/S202006 Feature: Ecommerce Linking Integration, aka Bambora support
  • #11056 P1 Task: Mailing List: High Potential Entrepreneurs - work_phone not working
  • #11100 P1/S202008 Bug: Remove Occassions from Sidebar
  • #11159 P1/S202008 Bug: 889 issues with blocked internal resources in robots.txt
  • #11161 P1 Bug: Blog count on the homepage is not correct
  • #11176 P1 Bug: Home page images are stretched
  • #11221 P1 Bug: Graphics: Platinum Sponsor - Footer
  • #6268 P1 S201913 Feature: Contact Us - Fields for multiple locations - Phone, Email
  • #8567 Bug: Blog magic button should not add WWW to ticket link
  • Added 2 new types of homepage
  • Added npm task for cspell, spelling update, removed some names
  • Another round of form improvements
  • Changed CRM dashboard to not include P5 level leads
  • Client data backend local instead of s3, s3 needs permissions
  • Removed googlePlus
  • Removed public/javascripts, moved to spdr-public-js
  • Remove recluster code
  • Rename services and routes from A.js to A/index.js
  • Security update to /config/page
  • Updated a number of pages to use cache instead of db query


Major upgrade to forms, to support a collection of new features

  • #7489 P1/S201948 Feature: Newsletter Page - Change Button - Subscribe to Submit
  • #11437 P1 Bug: Wiki: Error: No wiki pages available
  • #11504 P1 Request Quote Form Error
  • #9869 P1 Bug: Forgotten password working even if not matching email exists
  Posted: Tue May 26th 2020 12:00pm  2 years ago
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A member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association and the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics, Dafne travels monthly to California to attend meetings with her advisory board. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, this creative innovator never stops giving of her time and talent, even teaching corporate in-house marketing teams the latest digital marketing strategies.

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