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When we teamed up with Park & Jet for a new marketing campaign, we were really excited. But to get noticed and to engage more customers, we thought it was time to give Park & Jet's website a little refresh while developing our new marketing strategy simultaneously. Read on to learn more about how we got more customers to engage and book with Park & Jet.


The logo was the main inspiration for us. The whole idea behind the new branding is that the customer parks their vehicle at Park & Jet and takes the next step to their travel destination. People get excited about travelling: seeing loved ones, meeting new people, and gaining insights into new cultures they have never experienced before. Park & Jet wants the start and the end of those trips to be stress-free. If their customers come back on a high note, they will spread the word about the ease of booking with Park & Jet. Asking them to share photos and offering contests will entice them to talk more about Park & Jet.


Inspiration for the new colour palette was found in our travels around the world—from the deep blues of Moroccan treasures, bright blues found in the pottery shops in the heart of Madrid, aqua blues representing the oceans to the yellow and golds reminding you of the warmth of the sun on your skin. The palette is bright, refreshing, and inspiring.


The photography is centred around the Park & Jet customers. What do their travels look like? What inspires them? The focus is put on customers to share their stories, repost the social media images, tag friends and get out the word about how easy it is to start with Park & Jet for their next stress-free vacation.


  • Visit to see all the work we have been doing - especially with the blogs and the calls-to-action around the websites.
  • Visit their Facebook and Instagram to see how we have strategically created engagement with their potential customers and a voice for the brand.

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  Posted: Fri Apr 19th 2019 3:33am  3 years ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Dafne Canales

Founder and CEO of the innovative digital marketing software company, Spartan Spark, Dafne Canales Lees has earned her reputation as the Data-Driven Digital Storyteller. Her 7-Second Trust Formula uses behavioural marketing strategies to create client trust via digital marketing platforms for a more personalized user experience that translates into additional sign-ups, sales and increased profits.

A member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association and the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics, Dafne travels monthly to California to attend meetings with her advisory board. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, this creative innovator never stops giving of her time and talent, even teaching corporate in-house marketing teams the latest digital marketing strategies.

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