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Champion's Creed is a very unique customer. They're a mixed martial arts gym run by Brian & Sheila Bird, with a 5000 sq ft facility that offers kids classes, adult classes and competitive training from amateur to UFC fighters. They also host a ton of events, workshops and master classes.

The owners come from a business mindset and have created a really exceptional experience for their members. They have a lot going on… ALL the time! (I don't think the owners ever sleep! haha)

To showcase their marketing, I would probably need to write a small book about it, since we take care of everything from designing t-shirts to running advertising campaigns to supporting with phone scripts and sales calls for their front-end staff.

What I'm going to focus on today is the marketing for their kids classes. When we first met them 2 years ago, they hadn't really focused their business on kids classes (which is actually quite opposite from most martial arts training). They wanted to grow that area of their business, and they hired a specialized martial arts consultant to guide them through creating a world-class program for kids. They asked Spartan Spark to come up with the marketing plan.

If you have a business that needs an increase in registrations, you can inspire yourself through the lessons learned from Champion's Creed marketing for kids classes.

1. AWARENESS: Run Smart Digital Ads

What we did for digital advertising is split up the campaign between Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

From a high-level perspective: Google Ads are useful when someone is searching for "kids martial arts classes Calgary," and you'll want to have a landing page for people to go to that offers more information about the program.

Facebook Ads are better at targeting specific audiences. When we run Facebook Ads, we do a combination of Facebook Lead Forms, traffic to the landing page, and remarketing strategies.

Kids Campaign

2. CAPTURE: Have a Compelling Landing Page

Make sure your landing page answers the following questions:

  • Is this for me? (List ages or qualifiers so people know they're in the right place.)
  • What's in it for me? (What are the benefits of the program?)
  • Who else (other than you) says this is a good program/product? (This is the social credibility piece.)
  • Do people look like they're having fun? (Self-explanatory)
  • Can I watch a video of real people having fun?
  • Do they look like real people? (Stay away from stock photos.)
  • What do I need to do next? (This is the call to action.)

As you can see, we like to provide a large amount of detail so that people can make an informed decision. Visit the Champion's Creed Kid's Class page to see how we lay it all out.

3. FOLLOW UP: Have a Good Follow Up Process

Champion's Creed uses the Spartan One platform to keep track of the leads they get from our marketing efforts. We have weekly 15 - 20 min meetings to review how many leads we're getting from Google, from Facebook, from the search engines, etc.

We compare month-to-month and even compare how we're doing today based on how we did this same time last month, to see if we need to pivot/change/improve any of our strategies.

The leads go into the CRM in Spartan One and then the front desk staff take it from there, using the CRM to quickly and accurately follow up with the leads through another systemized process of emails and phone calls.

Champion's Creed keeps track of progress and their "To-do's" using Spartan One 's project management tool.

4. ENGAGEMENT: Create a Memorable Experience

We know that once people come in the door, they love what Champion's Creed has to offer. That's how all the work we do and all the funds that Champion's Creed puts into their advertising and digital marketing pays off in the end. We wouldn't be able to create these massive campaigns and then work with a client who can't close the sale.

The next part then is to keep the client happy, and digital marketing can help with that too.

These are some of the things Spartan Spark is in charge of when it comes to creating a great experience for the kids at Champion's Creed.

  • Designing cool posters & t-shirts for Kids Events.
  • Setting up registration for Kids Events & Competitions.
  • Sending out monthly reminders via email and social media of parent participation nights.
  • Writing articles on social media about Champion's Creed's kids classes, what's unique about them, and who the instructors are. Basically educating their clientele and new potential parents about why Champion's Creed is such a great place for their kids to learn confidence, self-esteem, and self-defence.

Night of Ninja

5. RINSE & REPEAT: Where Can Improvements Be Made?

The process works because we're constantly looking at metrics and can tell, in each part of the customer journey, where improvements can be made. Once the process has been refined (it has taken about a year and a half to refine the process from an internal business perspective at both Champion's Creed and Spartan Spark) now we can work on fine-tuning and getting into more details. For example, one fun, little detail is that we're making customized martial arts cartoons for all the major Canadian Holidays.

We made this one here, by taking the owners' daughter's photo and turning it into a Butt-Kicking Queen Victoria!

queen victoria

As you can imagine, there's a lot more to the efforts that go into the kids marketing campaign at Champion's Creed. Head on over to the Champion's Creed instagram to check out their feed.

Doing marketing RIGHT takes an incredible amount of work, and it is immensely FUN. The trick is to combine tech and numbers, with creativity and content. The ultimate payoff — a client attraction strategy that works!

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