BBB Power Lunch: Facebook Funnels

Facebook Funnels: How we signed up 38 people to a $2500 program with only 23 days of advertising.

Have you ever wondered where you should be spending your marketing dollars? Considered using Facebook Ads, but thought it might not be a good fit for high-end sales or B2B?

In this Power Lunch, Spartan Spark will walk you through the exact steps they took to help a client fill their $2500 program, from people who had never heard of their brand before to paying customers in 23 days. The workshop is a combination of content marketing and Facebook ad techniques. You'll walk away understanding what your marketing team should be doing for you, and the Key Performance Indicators you need to keep your eye on.

The team at Spartan Spark have been passionately playing with digital marketing since the early 2000s. They develop marketing software that reduces the cost of acquiring a customer. Their main mission is to educate entrepreneurs on the ever-changing digital landscape.


  • DATE: Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • TIME: 12 - 1 p.m.
  • LOCATION: BBB - #5, 1709 8 Avenue N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 0S9

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SPEAKER: Dafne Canales Lees, Spartan Spark

Dafne Canales Lees. Say what you will about this dynamic entrepreneur and communicator, but this gal’s got a lot going on! Rumor has it that she gets two hours of sleep per night and takes all three meals at once just to save time.

Dafne’s expertise is growing businesses. Sure, she’s got an MBA from the University of Calgary’s Haskyne School of Business, but what sets her apart from others is her uncanny ability to take a company and transform it into a bigger and better company. She's the dictionary definition of "Visionary." She can walk into any business environment, talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and then map out an amazing marketing strategy right before your eyes. Her marker on the whiteboard can't even keep up with the speed of her ideas.

She can weave this kind of magic through her passion for everything marketing related, and her constant R&D with both behavioural economics and marketing software, such as the one she helped create at Spartan Spark.

What Dafne loves most is teaching entrepreneurs all the secrets she's learned over the past two decades, obsessing over marketing.